Cropping in the wheat field 4: 11 Nanyue Hengshan Guanri camping equipment Raiders list

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This year’s National Day holiday camping can be described as quite rough, from the top of Guangdong Shaoguan ship to the peak of Hunan Yanling, to the last line of Nanyue Hengshan to watch the sunrise, only the daughter-in-law who has been silently accompanying me knows the baby’s heart! I am also particularly grateful to the girl for her life with the gentleman, and resolutely with me on Nanyue!

Before the holiday, I checked all kinds of information on the Internet. I want to find out what kind of equipment I need to prepare for hiking in Hunan and Guangdong in the early autumn. How much comfort temperature standard does the sleeping bag have? Do you need a down jacket? Do you need to wear thermal underwear? The parties searched and the answers were not able to answer my doubts.

This camping experience is general, and this summary is specially shared for the friends who want to go to Nanyue Mountaineering to see the sunrise in the fall. I will try to write the details of the parameters of the equipment. Therefore, the second trip is designed to watch the sunrise. The two of us are at night in Nanyue. The main temples and scenic spots in the scenic spot are not stationed. If you want to know about Nanyue Temple, please detour elsewhere. If there is an inaccurate place written, please feel free to correct me.

Equipment list:

1. Loading system:

Backpack: Osprey S17 Sirius 24L a 1.16kg, Osprey S15 airflow 50L a 1.79kg.

Water storage equipment: one Osprey 3L water bag, one 186g life bottle, one 313g Swell 500ml cup.

2. Sleep system:

Sleeping bag: Decathlon hollow cotton sleeping bag 15-20° One 630g, 10-15° one 680g.

Moisture-proof pad: Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite egg nest is 410g, Therm-A-Rest Pro Lite 4 is 750g.

Tent: Kaile Shiyingyue one 2.26kg without nails

Cushion: Therm-A-Rest air cushion, one NatureHike foam pad.

3. Hiking equipment:

Trekking pole: A pair of Decathlon internal trekking poles, Leki Anti-shoke pair of trekking poles.

Hiking shoes: Scarpa Kailash two pairs

4. Lighting system:


Headlights: Fenix ​​HL26R

Camp Lights: One Gravel Camp Light

5. Cold-resistant clothing:

Ms.: One regular autumn trousers, one Colombian thermal reflective thin coat, one archaeopteryx Nodin skin coat, one Nike running quick-drying long sleeve, one adidas hat, one pair of Saile T2 hiking socks, and one pair of Decathlon thin gloves.

Men: Adidas Poma commemorative jacket, NB running and quick-drying long sleeves, Archaeopteryx Motus sun hat, a pair of Saile T2 hiking socks, a pair of Decathlon gloves.

6. Food and drink equipment:

Boiler gas: Fire Maple windproof split burner 230g, Fire Maple TX1 collector kettle 0.8L a 224g, fire maple feast K2 collector 1.5L a 338g, pulse fresh flat gas tank a 230g.

Food: Master Kang’s braised beef noodle, a bag of sauerkraut noodles, a package of carrot and fried beef rice for dinner, three boiled eggs, four kiwis, and four oranges.

Water, beverage: Baoling force 900ml a bottle, water bagged mineral water 2.5L, hot water about 500ml.

Basically, except for the clothes that are worn on the body, everything else is listed above. The principle of packing is very simple. Heavy objects and large items are backed by me. Water and food, as well as items that need to be taken in time, are carried by the wife. Let’s start with a detailed introduction to this equipment one by one: (You can jump directly to the final summary and camping tips and precautions.)

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