Spring camping + Korean barbecue equipment recommended

November 10, 2018 50aktt 0 Comments

The spring of Chengdu has come, and finally you can go out and camp on the barbecue . After reading the experience of camping barbecue written by everyone, I always felt that something was missing. I also cast a manuscript and talked about my camping barbecue experience.

  1. The camping mentioned here mainly refers to family-style self-driving camping, and heavy-duty hiking camping is not in this range.
  2. In recent years, there have been more than a dozen experiences in camping barbecues. Nowadays, I don’t like charcoal barbecues (also lazy). Now I am engaged in Korean barbecue. The reason is: 1. The charcoal grill is heavy and difficult to carry; 2. The good charcoal is expensive, the cheap charcoal smoke is not good enough to ignite; 3. The average person does not understand the heat, easy to bake, and will not add seasoning It is neither delicious nor carcinogenic; 4. It is polluted, and the charcoal fire is uncomfortable. The scene is a mess, and it takes a little effort to clean the barbecue slowly. 5. The grill can be large, but the charcoal fire is difficult to lay. Full, so often the baked goods are not enough for people to eat for 1 minute, the next is the same as baking and waiting for a long time; 6. And the general grill is low in utilization, and the Korean baking tray can also be grilled to eat. Both have their own flavors, but Korean-style barbecues are not bad if they are marinated with authentic marinade. The quality of charcoal grill is too difficult to guarantee.
  3. I only write what I think people can’t think of, like tents, sleeping bags and the like are all necessary for camping, ingredients, these are not necessary to write.

Recommended reason: the advantage of no open fire is too important, the first is windproof, the flames are not of course not afraid of the wind, and the general card furnace does not block the wind is simply useless. Then it is energy-saving, 10 yuan a bottle of gas can be burned for at least 5 hours (the last barbecue at noon and in the evening with more than 4 hours of gas), the most important thing is that the stove is confusing, the use of the field does not matter, but you It is necessary to have a barbecue in the ordinary municipal park. The municipal park in Chengdu has a good view and is close to home, but most of them do not allow fire barbecue. Your stove is not on the shelf, and the security guard is coming to catch people. But this stove is very confusing, not only has no open fire, no smoke, and the heating zone is like an induction cooker. Two times in the park barbecue I said that this is the induction cooker, there is no fire, do not violate the park regulations, and all the smooth picnics go down.

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