Novice rookie camping guide – equipment purchase recommendation and experience sharing

December 17, 2018 50aktt 0 Comments

21I have been playing outdoors for a few years. I was taken to the sea by my friends and went to the sea. Then I went into the pit. After I went out to play and burn the equipment, I gradually accumulated some experience. Although I still belong to the stage of comparing dishes, these experiences are of little use to the old man, but the old man is still a minority. For some friends who just started going up the mountain, this experience may be useful. In addition, I hope that the old man will educate me and correct the mistakes so as not to mislead the newcomers.

In addition, all the products mentioned in the article are for reference only, and friends can choose the same kind of products. Many give only men, women can search for the same paragraph, and women’s discounts are generally higher than men’s.

I thought that the first camping in the year was extremely unreliable. Nike running shoes and jeans, plus Adi’s backpack (the rhythm of death…) went up, and there were 4l of water on the back, some clothes and food, and the camera only took it. A Minolta x700, sleeping bag or a small partner to help back, the weight is about 8kg. As a result, the feet of the gravel were broken off on the way, and the unlucky ones drove up and down, and all kinds of mud-sliding down, half a way to grab a trekking pole from a small companion to avoid death. After going down the mountain, I was uncomfortable, and my shoulders were about to have a broken feeling. It was really painful. 


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