When girls are camping for the first time, how should the equipment be selected? ——Check the list of equipment I purchased for my girlfriend

January 7, 2019 50aktt 0 Comments

Some time ago, a little girl who wanted to play outdoors came over and asked me: “Feather, can you help me see this trekking pole?” 


Many newcomers are confused when they first enter the outdoors, especially before camping. I remember that when I first entered the outdoor, it took almost two weeks to research a piece of research equipment, and I was dizzy in various e-commerce platforms. This year, due to the introduction of her girlfriend into the outdoors, it took a lot of effort to choose equipment for her.

Taking this as an opportunity, I decided to list the equipment purchased for my girlfriend as a list and do some simple analysis for your reference. All the equipment in the article is personal choice, each person’s preferences are different, only for recommendation. 

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