Camping with baby, barbecue equipment sharing

February 2, 2019 50aktt 0 Comments

On the last day of the Golden Holiday, the weather was good. I planned to take the baby out for barbecue and play outdoors. Finally, I chose Yangcheng Lake, there is a lake, there is scenery, great.

1. Take the baby outdoor activities, essential items

Camping equipment


air cushion

Picnic mat

It’s all bought by Decathlon.

Attach a purchase link

The tent is very easy to use, and it is released. Basically, the husband can get it alone.

It is a brand of Decathlon, specializing in mountain sports goods. This 2 XL Air 2/3 person camping tent is an upgraded version of the old ARPENAZ 2/3 XL. Compared to the old model, it has a ventilation window on both sides and the back for better air circulation. Still double-layered account + internal account structure, 2 seconds quick opening design, fiberglass bracket, polyethylene floor mat. Waterproof (200mm/h/m2), windproof (6th grade), shading. There are 4 designs, and the double and triple models have an ordinary style with a foyer and a print without a foyer. The area is from 230*140cm-295*210cm and the weight is 3.2-5.2kg

I bought this damp mat with the tent, padded under the tent, the tent will not be wet, and it will not be dirty. It is recommended to buy it with the tent

I bought the 239.8 package directly. I think the bigger the better, it is equivalent to the size of a small double bed. The suede on the top is very comfortable. It can be flushed faster and the deflation is very convenient. It can be released after being squeezed.



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