Sleeping in the landscape – photographer’s outdoor equipment list for short-distance outdoor camping

February 14, 2019 50aktt 0 Comments

There has always been a dream of being a landscape photographer. In the past, photographers who wanted to abandon the scenery had to run this and go to the inaccessible place for a few days.

Later, I wanted to take a portrait, and I was indifferent to me. After a few shots, I gave up completely.

Going to his portrait, instead of talking to a stranger, it is better to go to the wilderness to shoot a starry night.

I even feel that I am enjoying everyone in the wild.

I’m going to take a photo of the Galaxy at night with my friends and sleep until the early morning to take a sunrise. The holiday is full and happy.

If you go to the wild, of course, safety is the first.

Recently, I have finally had two experiences of camping in the wild, so I will share what I have to prepare for the sunset on the suburban suburban short-distance camping.

Serving the photographer for the sunrise star track.

First choose camping equipment.

There is no accommodation in the wild, and a tent is still very necessary. It is windproof and anti-mosquito, and the protection at night depends on him.

According to the number of people to buy the corresponding size of the tent, do not buy large, not convenient to carry.

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