Outdoor equipment and clothing introduction article three: UL lightweight camping equipment selection

March 12, 2019 50aktt 0 Comments

 the camping system, UL (UltraLight ultra-light) equipment and ordinary equipment can be more than double the weight, saving you physical exertion, in addition to the comfort of external physical strength is proportional to the consumption of food and water, the use of UL equipment can guarantee the limit Survive longer under the same resources.

   This is a typical set of cheap non-UL ordinary camping equipment, which will cause a great burden on the body. If the external equipment is not waterproof, it will encounter rain:

The ratio between the warmth, weight, and packing volume of a piece of equipment is important:

     This is a camping sleep system consisting of 1300g chemical fiber cotton sleeping bag + 2600g ordinary double tent + 400g fascia board moisture mat, plus 400g aluminum foil mat mat is complete (Sorry I did not), total weight 4700g, nearly 10 pounds The weight is already quite heavy.

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