Outdoor equipment# Those who accompany the female man to the mountain and count the stars for camping and hiking equipment

March 16, 2019 50aktt 0 Comments

The female man is obsessed with outdoor days before he restarts his fitness. Although still very obsessed with now  . The outdoor equipment mentioned in this article is accompanied by a lot of places with the female man. I have been to the mountain of Gang Rinpoche. I have been to the Linjani volcano in Indonesia, and have clothes, pants and shoes, hat gloves and bags. Tent sleeping bag moisture-proof pad, trekking pole headlights… Every time you go out, it is an opportunity to buy and buy new equipment and replace new equipment  .

The equipment is slowly added one by one, many of them have been with the female man for many years, so it is not the latest high-tech equipment. But good equipment can accompany you for many years and protect you at critical moments outdoors.


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