Location Toolkit Web Services API v2


  1. ASR
  2. Brand List
  3. Category List
  4. Directions
  5. Geolocation
  6. Map
  7. Map Tile
  8. Reverse Geocode
  9. Route
  10. Satellite Tile
  11. Suggestions
  12. Traffic Tile

Location Toolkit Web Services API provides a RESTful interface for accessing Location Based Services. The APIs are designed to easily allow use by clients of all platforms including web and mobile devices. All APIs support the POST method for requests. Many APIs also support the GET method for simplicity. All APIs support both XML and JSON formats for responses. Each API has documentation and a test page.

All APIs return a standard HTTP status code to indicate success or error. Please see the listing of Error Codes on our developer site.

All APIs require both an API Key parameter (apikey) and a Partner Identifier parameter (pid) specified as part of the request. The pid identifies your account which may have multiple API Keys. The apikey identifies your application to our system. We also strongly encourage including a User Identifier parameter (uid) with each request, and uid may be required for some APIs. The uid identifies unique users of your application. The uid must be a hexadecimal representation of a RFC 4122 UUID.

Learn about a service and try it out by visiting our developer site.

Release Notes available on our developer site